Become a model is one of best career you can ever think of but it can be so stressful that you might want to give up. Sometimes aspiring models feel they don’t have the right face, body structure, height to become a model so they end up giving up their career. Your reason shouldn’t be on how you feel about your body or face. In the modeling industry there is space for everyone in the industry so don’t feel bad about how you look.

Become a model

So I would be sharing with you on how to become a model and the step you’ll be taking to become a successful model. So follow the steps given below

  • Know your stand (Market)

As a young aspiring model, one of the important steps to becoming a model is knowing your stand/market. For starter, you must have the passion for what you are going into. You can’t just wake up one morning and tell yourself you want to become a model. It won’t work like that you need to have the passion for it. You don’t need the perfect body to become a model. All you need is to figure out what your look to be, and do not think you can do modeling because you feel don’t have the height, you aren’t skinny enough, or you aren’t pretty enough. What you feel you don’t like about yourself a client would love it and also find so unique. And the reason why most models give up on their ambitions because they feel they aren’t good to become runway models. Runaway model is just like a segment of the industry. As an aspiring model know your market, know where you fit into. Once again modeling isn’t just about you walking on a runaway or cover of a magazine. It is about the charm you make to a certain age group using your picture as a tool for marketing.

  • Get a good polaroid/Headshot

As an aspiring model, the first shot you take is your Polaroid which means a natural of you looking very natural. No makeup, No photo-touching. Because agencies hate Polaroid with makeup, fancy hairstyles, or overdone look. They just need to see you in the raw to see if you could be transformed into different looks. They want to see the real you. For your headshot get a picture of yourself from your chest up and a full body of yourself wearing black trouser or white/black round or wearing a swimwear. Just be as natural as possible. Polaroid can be either be taken in the studio or outdoor.

  • Get some practice

As a model, you need to practice on your poses, smile, and your catwalk. You need to know how to walk on heels and how to take a professional shoot. You can use search online, search for “modeling poses by supermodels” and you would have several images to choose from. Keep looking at pictures or you get yourself mirror as a learning tool for practice. It helps you build your facial expression. For your catwalk watch YouTube video of supermodels like (Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Kendal Jenner and so much more). Practice your walk in the full-length mirror in your house or at the gym. Learning different styles of walks but put the basic in it. Practice makes perfect.

  • Find an Agency

To become a model you need to find a reputable agency to take you. You can either send them email putting your Polaroid and your statistic with it. Or you get yourself registering on their website by searching online. And beware of scam because there are a lot of them calling themselves modeling agency try to sleep with young girls, telling them lies like they would put you on a magazine cover. Please don’t fall for it. Don’t go with an agency that can’t answer a question on what specific type of assignments you might book with them. Look for a well-known agency that would help your career and be able to push you both national and international.

  • Get a Com Card

A com card (composite card) is like a business card for models. The com card features professional headshots, your measurements, and your contact information. You’ll need them when you go for casting calls. So that they would be able to reach out to you if they’d like to book you. But if you are under agency they would be one to provide your com card. But if you’re a freelancer you need to one for yourself.

  • Build your Portfolio

As a model, you need to build your portfolio. Work with good different creative photographer and have them take you pictures from different angles. Create a different concept. Your portfolio must be a very professional.

  • Get Exposure

Get to meet supermodels or agency this can lead to new opportunities and connections. You can try emailing your photo to them or go and visit them at their office. Go for open casting calls which you can find online. All you just need to do is to check out the agency’s site or any social media page to see how they would like you to dress.

Now you know how to become a model and steps involved. All you need is to take action, get moving, and never give up. It might be hard for you but don’t try giving up. God time is the best for you. Keep pushing it till you reach there.


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