Can you escape?

Can you escape (known as room escape or escape game) is a new mysterious mobile app puzzle game that enables you to solve the mystery behind kept objects. And also find out clues to get to different rooms in order to get out from the locked building. Build up your problem, solving skills and break out from rooms.  And the rooms consists of a locked door, objects to manipulate, and the hidden clues or secret compartments. The user will have to make use of the objects to interact with other items in the room to reveal a way to escape.

Can you escape

Stay Cool | Features of Can you escape

For you to make it cool with this game you need to stay with it. The app requires a lot of patience as a point, and it will test your willpower at each level. Here are the cool features of Can you escape.

  • Cool designs in every room with constant updates of the game, and the more beautiful each room will be.
  • Harder stages ahead. The puzzle of the completed stage will be twice harder than the first stage.
  • Clues can be found anywhere so you have to think of the most inspecting places.

Tips of Can you escape

Every puzzle will be two times harder than the first. So here are some tips for the game which will be listed below.

  • Check out the surrounding and zoom in for a clearer vision of the object to find the clue to the keys.
  • Sometimes you have to do something to get the key like pouring water so the key will be floating.
  • Always take note of code and number. Very important.
  • The user has to be a machete to get this thing in no time.
  • Prepare yourselves for harder levels.

So with these tips, you can make always play the game, even with the harder ones.

Can you Escape Mobile Game | Download Can you escape On your Mobile Device 

For users to start accessing this game, he/she need to download the games on their mobile device. Which is free, simple, and easy to download from the mobile store be it Android, iPhone, and Windows devices. Follow the steps given below for you to download Can you Escape.

  • Go to your mobile device store.
  • Search for Can you Escape app inside the search tool located at the right top of the homepage.
  • The game will show you with the logo beside it. Click on it.
  • Then click on install button, which will automatically start downloading.
  • After downloading it. Click open for you to start playing the game.
  • Enjoy playing Can you Escape.

NB: The aim of this game is to break out the rooms. Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms. In order to move to the next room.


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