Darken your skin is of benefit to people as it comes with advantages like reducing the risk of skin cancer and also premature aging. So many people are after darker skin tones nowadays most times because of the effects it adds to them and also because it makes them more beautiful and sexy.

Darken your skin

Getting darker skin tone will require processes that will be mentioned later below. You can get your skin darker through the use of some food, skin darkening supplements, the sun, oils and so many more. If you are willing for your skin to become darker, you are advised to follow the steps given to you below.

How to darken your skin through the use of food

You can also get your skin darkened through the use of some foods like carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes etc.

  • Carrot; eating so many carrots continuously can give your skin orange coloring that will give the impression of tanned skin. It was also discovered in a research that eating food rich in carotenoids give the skin a darker and richer color
  • Tomatoes; this type of foods have proven to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays helping your skin to a youthful complexion no matter the shade of your skin

How to darken your skin through the use of skin darkening supplement

To darken your skin you can use some supplements such as cocoa butter, tea bag tan, cinnamon etc.

  • Cocoa butter; this can be used as a moisturizer and it works perfectly well. To make your skin tone darker as it contains some ingredients that darken the skin
  • Cinnamon rub; this contains pigments that allow your skin to darken temporarily. All you have to do is just to mix a little quantity of cinnamon powder into a lotion then rub on your skin
  • Tea bag tan; this makes the skin darker more than that of the cinnamon rub all you have to do is to soak five or six bags in water and allow to seep. Then apply the water to your skin with a sponge or washcloth. You are advised to apply it evenly.

How to darken your skin naturally through the use of oil

Emu Oil is one of the prescribed oil given to the user as this oil darkens the skin. By increasing the melanin production which is the dark pigmentation that appears in the skin tone.

Coconut oil can also be helpful as it makes your skin tone darker. Sweet almond oil is also helpful.

How to darken your skin through the use of sun

The sun is also a vital way of making your skin darker. Sunshine is the most natural way you can darken your kin. Spending little time outside daily will darken your skin and also increase your mood stability. You should always wear sunscreen outside to avoid burn. Get your Skin darker through a healthy level of vitamin D.


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