Google Play Music is a streaming service that enables users to stream up to 50,000 of their own songs for free. Which also allow free users to listen to the curated station and paid users to stream up to 40 million songs in their streaming library at no cost. This portal was launched on November 16, 2011, operated by Google. A paid Google Play Music subscription permits users to stream any song and also give them the access to YouTube Music Premium.

Google Play Music

Users can likewise purchase additional tracks for their tracks for their library via the music store section of Google Play. In addition to offering to steam for internet connected device. Users can download any song and listen to it offline. You can listen to music through the service’s web player and mobile app. On smartphones and tablets, music can be played via the mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Up to five mobile devices can be used to access the library in the portal.

Is Google Play Music Free

Using this portal is free for every user using the standard account. With a standard account, this portal all offers storage of up to 50,000 files for free. Users can listen to songs through the website and the mobile app for free. You can stream free radio stations and also skip songs up to 6 times per hour. Wow, this amazing.

With a paid subscription which is called premium account allow users to stream over 40 million songs without advertisements during listening. No limit of you skipping songs and you can songs offline. When you subscribe you’ll have 30 days free trial for new users. A paid subscriber receives access to YouTube Premium.

How to Sign In for Google Play Music | Google Play setup

If you open the app on your mobile device or computer then you will have to choose the account you want to use. For you to start listening to music you need to sign with your Google account. Once you’ve signed in, the music you stored on your device either the ones you uploaded or purchased with will be added to your library. So follow the steps given below

  • Launch your Google Play Music App on your mobile device.
  • Tap the Menu icon located at the left corner of thehomepage.
  • Click on settings.
  • Tap on Google account.
  • Enter the account you want to use with it.

You’ll be automatically signed in and you can sign in with a different account.

How to download Music

Users can download the music they purchased or the one added to the app so that they can listen to it when they don’t have internet connection. If you subscribe to Google Play Music you can download subscription tracks to their mobile devices. Follow the steps on how to get music

  • Open your Google Play Music app.
  • Click an album or a playlist.
  • Tap download for you to download the song.

On Computer

You can also download music with your computer. If you use Google play Music for chrome or music manager you can download to your computer an unlimited amount of time. But you can’t download a radio station on your PC. So follow the instruction for you to download music on your PC.

  • Launch your web browser and enter inside your url bar.
  • Click on menu
  • Then tap on music library.
  • Click on album or songs you want to download.
  • Click on more for you to download songs.
  • Tap on download or download album.

And that’s it. Note if you sign out your account on Google Play Music all your download will be removed from your device.


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