How to Connect Your Computer/System to TV

Connecting your computer to TV is one of the simplest things you could ever do. Sometimes it might be very annoying watch movies, TV show, or other videos on your small computer screen. So you don’t have to worry about it because we would tutor you on how to connect your computer to TV.

Connecting your computer to TV

If your TV doesn’t have the ability to stream some service like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu or other video services. Your computer can help you do that by connecting your computer to TV. So we would be giving you some helpful tip on how to connect your computer to TV. So if you find yourself in any of the problems follow the steps given to you.

Ways on how to Connect your Computer to your TV

· Connecting with an HDMI cable

Connecting your computer to TV with this method is very easy and simple. HDMI (means High Definition Multimedia Interface). It only requires a single cable to stream high-quality video and also audio from your computer to TV.

And this cable is the same on both ends. Connecting your computer to TV with this cable you will plug one end of the cable into your computer’s HDMI port and the other to your TV. You will find the HDMI port on the side of your pc while the TV port is at the back. You can purchase the cable at any electronics store or you can get it online for $10 upward depending on the quality you want.

·Connecting with Bluetooth(wireless)

Another way for you to stream your video/movies on your computer to your TV. Some TV has Bluetooth capability built in and almost all computers have a Bluetooth function. With this method, you would be able to connect your computer to TV wirelessly.

To connect your computer to your TV using Bluetooth, you need to make sure your Bluetooth is enabled and also active on both devices. Make sure your computer is discoverable so that your TV will be to connect with it.

·Connecting with Game Console Or Internet TV Box

Another way to stream TV show and movies from the internet to your TV is by using this method. If the device doesn’t have Wi-Fi you can use one of these devices to sort of transform your TV into a Smart TV. With this method, you don’t really need to connect your computer to your TV.

You need to plug the provided cables into your device, and the other of the cables into the back of your television set. But it depends on the device you are using.

·Connecting with a VGA cable

You can use this method to stream video on your TV from your computer with the help of VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable. VGA cables will enable you to use your television screen as a larger screen for your computer. You can also stream audio via your TV, but you’ll need an auxiliary audio cable in addition to a VGA to send the audio signal from your computer to your TV.

With these methods, you can make a good connection from your computer to your TV to stream as much as you like.

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