Hulu is an American subscription video that provides advertiser supported streaming video of television shows and films over the internet. It’s a US video streaming that specializes in television show which has over 150 popular modern shows.


Users can get latest episodes of TV shows very quickly. This portal contains small collection of movies. Users can also watch and comment on their preferred episode or can also set up line to watch shows later. Access is restricted to viewers because of the international licensing limitations.

It’s a service that allow users to stream (watch as they load) TV shows and movies on their PC, mobile device or any media player. That’s connected to their TV whenever its convenient for them. Hulu is kind off related to Netflix in that can watch as many movies and TV shows has you want with your subscription.

Hulu History

It was founded in October 29 2007 and it owned by hulu LLC. A combined venture with The walt Disney company (via diney-ABC television group), 21st century fox, comast (via NBCUniversial). And it was opened to the general internet public on March 12, 2008.

The headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California, united states. The chief executive officer of Hulu is Randy freer, This portal offered only to users in japan and the United States and its overseas territories. They offer Television production, digital distribution, media service provider and web syndication. It has over 32 million users.

Is Hulu Free?

Most people will always ask this question is this portal free, it only give the option to use it with a free account. But you are limited in the sense you can’t watch all until your free trial finished. Like for example you will only be able to watch five episodes instead of the full season. And you can only watch Hulu free account on your pc (personal computer).


Hulu Plus | How Much does it cost?

Hulu plus is a paid (subscription) version of Hulu which is about $8 per month. User can get 30 day free then get starts with the Hulu plus when you sign up for it. It gives users the access to the portal full library of TV shows and movies. Users can get unlimited access to the streaming library with limited or no commercials. Enjoy full season of exclusive series, hit movies, Hulu originals, kid shows and more.

Note, users can watch full season of TV shows instead of watching it half. Subscription to plus allows users to watch videos on devices other than your desktop computer such as mobile device, tablet computers and video games consoles. And you can get to watch it in high definition video quality.

Hulu Premium Add-on || How much does it cost?

Hulu premium add-on subscription cost $8.99 per month. With the conjunction of Hulu plus, and both subscription marge together will cost you $16.98 per month.

It allows you to watch Live TV online and on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox. Get unlimited access to the streaming library (limited commercial plan) with full seasons of exclusive series, hit movies, Hulu originals, and so much more. Stream 50+ top live on demand TV channels including sports, news, and entertainment. Users can switch plans or cancel it anytime.

Hulu Sign up || Hulu Free Trial

This portal sign up is very easy, simple, and quick. And you can get the opportunity of a 7 day free trial of their paid service. All you just need to have is your credit card or paypal account information. In other for you to get started. kindly follow the step given below.

  1. Launch your web browser on your pc. Enter inside your url bar.
  2. Then a page will pop up, in the top-right corner click start your free trial.
  3. You will see three different options.  limited commercials, No commercials, and Hulu. With live TV you can use click any options.
  4. On the next screen, if you have Facebook account you can click on continue with Facebook to register .
  5. But if don’t have one or don’t you want to use your Facebook. You can fill in the instructions given below which are
  • Email Address.
  • Password (To secure account your with).
  • Your first and last name.
  • Month, Day, and Year.
  • Gender (Male or Female).
  1.  After filling in your information. Click Continue.
  2. On the next screen, fill in your billing (it will charge you its regular rate $7.99 month after your free trial. You can cancel during your free period you won’t be charged.
  3. Enter your Credit Card Number, the month and year your credit card will expires, your credit card’s security code, and your mailing code.
  4. After filling in your information. click

So you’re all ready to start using it. Watch as many as you want.

How to watch Hulu on TV

Users can watch it on their television screen instead of your desktop because the most important thing is that you have to use cables. To connect your computer’s video and sound systems to your TV. You can use it with Blu-Ray players or digital media players.  Such as Apple TV, Google chromecast, and video games console (Nintendo’s Wii U, Sony’s PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox one).

Subscribe to Hulu and get the most authentic result.


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