You wanna know more about iMovies then take a look at this article. Are you a mac owner or are you willing to buy one for yourself and are you also wondering which is the perfect application that you can use to create/edit your own videos. Or thinking of an application that provides the basic features in movies editing.


No-frills editing tools, easy to navigate from scene to scene and save your edited files to digital format. You don’t need to worry again since IMovie is what you really need, IMovie will provide you with exactly what you need with no loss in quality.

IMovie is an apple consumer film making application or software. IMovie is a film making product which was sold by apple and was launched to the public in the year 1999. This portal is only meant for IOS and mac which are (iPod, iPhone, iPad mini, and iPod touch).

This platform gets you right into action especially if you are making use of an iPhone, iPad, a camcorder or digital camera. It makes browsing, arranging, watching and saving your video clip. You can also edit a photo, add a title, themes, music, and effect including the basic color correction.

With iMovie for IOS and MacOS users can enjoy their videos like never before. It’s very easy for users to browse their clips and create Hollywood-style trailers stunning 4k resolution movies. Users can also start editing on iPhone or iPad and finish the whole work on mac. If you have brought your apple product you will find it already installed but if the product does not have iMovie you can get it from your app store.

Benefit of iMovie          

  • Make movies.
  • High fidelity filters.
  • Soundtrack.
  • Studio quality titles.
  • Create trailer.
  • Cut from iPhone to ipad to mac.
  • Share.

Make movies: if you are using mac or iOS device you can make your movies in iMovie by choosing your clips, and then add titles, music, and effects. IMovie supports 4k video for stunning cinema-quality films. Users can make their movies anyhow their want.

High fidelity filter: It allow you to pick from the 10 creative filters that add a cinematic touch. And this filter gives your film a vintage western appearance, nostalgic monochrome style, and a cool blue look. It is very easy to apply filters to your entire movies or individual clips.

Soundtracks: Built-in music, sound effects, and voiceover recording make it easy and simple to create a movie that sounds good as it looks.

Studio quality title: It enables you to select from a dozen of styles to add beautifully animated titles and also credits to your movies.

Cut from iPhone to ipad to mac: iMovie for iOS and iMovie for macOS are designed to work together. You can start your project on iPhone and continue on ipad then take addition features on your mac to add finishing touches like color correction, green screen effect, and animated maps. When you are done your movies and trailer will appear in IMovie Theater.

Share: This portal allows you to share your movies or videos with your family and friends. You can send your movies through messages or you can directly share to Facebook and post to YouTube in stunning 4k resolution. Get your movies out there and sit back and take all credit.

iMovie Mobile App              

IMovie app allows users to enjoy their videos and movies like never before. Users can also browse their video library, share a favorite moment with family and friends, create awesome movies and view them on their device in IMovie Theater. Users can easily download the app on their devices. But the app is not free you have to pay some little amount of $4.99. It is also available in 34 languages.

With iMovie app

  • You can browser and share your video.
  • Make Hollywood-style trailers.
  • You can create your own movies.
  • You can save your videos and iMovie project files to icould drive.
  • Share your videos with mail or message.

Users can do all this when he or she has downloaded and install the app from the app store. So all you just need is to download the app and start making movies and videos. Some users might be thinking why iMovie is not available on windows and android. The reason is they didn’t give permission or developed it for other operating systems it only meant for apple devices.


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