You wish to know more about Instagram search? With this article, you would be able to be guided on how to use it. But we have to talk about Instagram itself. Instagram is a well-known social networking platform in the world that has millions of users accessing it every day.

Instagram search

This platform enables users to post photos, videos, communicate with people they want and also give them chance to follow as many people as they want. You can also post many pictures and the videos on your page. So the social media brings new features every time to ensure users enjoy the platform whenever they are online. Using this platform to post videos and photo is the best place you can do, without any stress.

Instagram Search

Instagram updated their features by adding Instagram search. It allows users to look for people who use Instagram. Instagram Search enables users to see photos and video that is liked by people and with is trending post. it is a way to be discovered by other users and the hashtags used in the photos and videos will make the post appear in what’s currently trending.

Instagram Search allows users to find exactly what they are looking for be it place, people, and also users can get a hint of what’s happening right now. This portal will choose what you see by linking the trending places and suggested people into different collections by Instagram Search. So with Instagram search, you can find what’s trending, like the people you follow, follow other users, and conduct searches to discover what, where, and who are popular on Instagram.

How to make use of Instagram Search

With this steps, you will be guided on how to make use of Instagram Search. You can search for people and hashtags by using Instagram Search. So follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the search box at the right top of the homepage.
  • After clicking on it you will see Top, People, Tags, and place icon below the search button.
  • Type in what you’re looking for (i.e. users or hashtags).
  • The search result will be displayed to you. Then you click on what you are looking for.

With these, you can make a better search with this platform. You can also search people by their name or username. The search result you see is based on the people you follow, who you are connected to, and the video and photo you like on Instagram.

NB: The more you hashtag on your photos and video you get more likes from it.


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