Do you wish to know more about Instagram video? well this guide will be of help to you as it will guide you in every way needed. Instagram as we all know is one of the most popular social networking platform in the world having over a million users on this platform accessing it daily.

Instagram video



Instagram is a worldwide known popular sharing app that allows users to post contents such as photos, videos when they are online in this social media. Users are given the chance to follow as much people as they want and also communicate with them anytime they feel like it. Users can also post so many pictures on their page to their content.

This social media has proven to be a certified social media has it has been growing continuously overtime and also has been bring new features every time to ensure that users can enjoy all their stay on the platform when they are online. This allows users to capture the best videotape, add graphics to their contents, and also control the audio.

Instagram video upload

Instagram made a major update to their platform, as they added a 60 second video tool allowing users to post videos. Which will last for 3 to 60 seconds long and also edit numerous clips on their mobile device. For users to upload a video on this social networking platform, they can either take the video from their file. Or actually make a video right there from instagram. The following are ways on how to upload a video on instagram via desktop and mobile devices

Steps on How to Upload a Video on Instagram Via Desktop

Users are to note that there is no way to upload on instagram video from the web. And for them to post they need to use a third party developer apps since that is the only way this platform has given users the chance to post via desktop. The following are types of third party apps that instagram has verified. You also can use to post either a video or a photo on Instagram. Users are to follow this steps carefully and correctly

  1. Gramblr
  2. Iconosquare
  3. Later
  4. Schedugram

With these third party apps users can post a video on instagram via desktop. When you are on these apps all you need is to choose a video from your file, add captions, choose whether to use editing features like filters, cropping and so many more.

Steps on How to Upload a Video on Instagram Via Mobile Device

  • Click on the third icon which is located at the bottom part of your screen
  • Slide to the right
  • Click on the preferred video you want to post. If you want to record a video, tap and hold the circle icon to start recording
  • Click on the next icon at the right hand side of the page
  • Write a caption if you want
  • Click on the share button and instantly your video will be posted.


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