Melanin just as we know is a pigment which actually enables the skin color. It’s actually the trending name currently. Though without the melanin involved there is going to be an actual difference from a melanin skin and a non-melanin skin.


It is said that someone who lacks melanin tends. To have a white skin and might also have spots on their skin. So far so good there are beautiful and wonderful ladies who are actually trending high with their shining and astonishing  skin. It’s the skin shading that is currently trending all over internet. And dark young ladies are now getting more recognized with the most beautiful and gorgeous skin that have been called numerous things.

Also involving the melanin category, we have the melanin powder which is one of the best makeup powder for ladies. Though it’s not really known yet but am sure that after you’ve gone through this article the melanin powder won’t sound new to you.

One of the popular ladies who are actually proud of their melanin skin is;

Khoudia Diop also known as the melanin Goddess

This beautiful and astonishing lady has wowed the world with her shining black skin on Instagram and every other social media you can find her. Though she has a very dark skin but it doesn’t matter.

The 19-year-old decided to nickname herself “melanin Goddess” to give reference to her dark skin colour. She did this to encourage people that being black is not a disease or a curse.

Khoudia Diop, who only began modelling two years back has shot to fame on Instagram where she has the total amount of about 220,000 followers.

She had difficulty to blend in with other people due to her overly dark skinned colour, but with the help of her mother and siblings she got to put up through with it.

There are also other amazing ladies with their proud melanin skin. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and also some other popular social medias.

Melanin Powder

Yeah, black skin just keeps ranking higher and higher. So far so good we already have the melanin powder strolling through the supermarkets and every other stores.

Though we’ve had comments that the melanin powder is really nice and blends with your skin colour. So far so good the powder is ranking as one of the best powder for women of colour.

So as we all know the melanin keeps popping and popping, so why sit and watch? Go get your own skin popping too. I’d bet it’s something you won’t seem to regret.

And lot of young ladies don’t believe they have an amazing look and skin. They just accept whatever people talks them and how bad they look. You don’t need anyone that doesn’t see your value or appreciate you for being in their lives. So don’t let anybody discourage you of your skin color. No matter how you look like. Just know you’re made in God’s image. Don’t let anyone limit you. Make your melanin popping.


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