Netflix is an America streaming service that enables users to watch as many movies, TV show, and episodes as they want. With this portal user can enjoy unlimited viewing content without having to watch a single commercial. Users can discover something new and more TV shows, episodes, and movies are always added.


So there’s no need for you to wait for a cinema in other to see a movie, or to have a physical copy in stock, or a wait for a channel to play your next episode. As long as the Movie, TV shows, and episode are available on Netflix. You can watch as much as you want anytime, anywhere, and any day. This portal can be accessed through your mobile device, computer, smart TV and other digital media player you have.

Netflix History

This portal was founded August 29, 1997, 20 years ago in Scotts Valley, California, US. By Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. They started with DVD mail business which they have to deliver Physical demands of Netflix DVD of their streaming service and movies. They also allow the retaining of Blu-ray and DVD rental service.

Netflix service operates in over 190 countries which are available worldwide. And their headquarter is located in Los Gatos, California, US. And they have over 125 million total subscribers worldwide. This portal also has a mobile app which is available on the mobile store. Users can easily download the app on their mobile device for free and it’s very easy to use.

Is Netflix Free | Netflix Monthly Plan

Netflix is not a free service but a free 30 days trial is available. This portal is a subscription-based service that requires a monthly fee subscription. Netflix monthly subscription has three plans which are Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each plan has its different features and each plan will costs you differently. Below are the monthly plans with their features.

  • Netflix Basic Plan: This plan cost $7.99 per month for new subscribers that only want SD (standard definition video quality) resolution access only. And this plan allows you to watch Netflix on one screen at a time. When you subscribe to this plan, you will have 1 month free to watch to do anything on Netflix.
  • Standard Plan: This plan cost $10.99 per month. This enables you to watch Netflix on two screens at a time with HD quality movies.
  • Premium Plan: This plan cost $11.99 per month. HD and ultra HD available allows viewing on up to 4 devices at the same time. You have unlimited movies and you can cancel at any time.

These are the plans for the Netflix monthly plan. You can choose anyone you want. Pick your price and pick your plan.

Netflix Account | Sign Up

For users to start enjoying all the features on this portal he or she needs to create an account. In other to take all the activities you are doing on the portal. Creating an account is very easy all you need is to keep your credit card on hand because you’ll make use of it. So follow the steps given below in other for you to sign up on

  • Launch your favorite web browser and enter inside your URL search bar.
  • Click on “Join Free for a Month” icon.
  • Then a page will pop out which indicate you to choose the membership plan that’s right for you.
  • Click on “See the plans”. You would be shown the monthly Plans with their features. If you’ve seen the one you want to click on “continue” button.
  • Enter your valid email address and create your own password. When you are done with that click on “continue” button.
  • It will direct you the payment method where you will enter your payment details to make payment.
  • Click on “Start Membership” button. You’ll be redirected to the homepage where you can browse movies, TV shows to instantly begin streaming.

Users can cancel their free trial at any time during their first 30 days and never be charged. But if you don’t want to cancel your account won’t still be charged until you end your free trial. Users can also login into their account if they have created one using the sign in button on Or using your Facebook account to sign in into your account.


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