Pinterest is a social media that inspires users to discover what you like and also do what you love. It enlightens your creativity, enables you to try out new things that you can do yourself. The home feed of Pinterest helps you find new ideas and helps you seea world of creativity and possibility around you. We would be talking about Pinterest Board.

Pinterest Board

Pinterest Board is a way you store and establish bookmarks called “Pins”. Any pins you save are always on your boards. You can choose a name and arrange them on your profile. When you see any pins that are related to each other you can have them together on a board. You can likewise create a group Pinterest Board to share with other users. Create as many as you want and share them with other people. So that they havemore ideas about some things. Also, try to focus on things that are specific towhat makes your board stand out.

There are no rules for you to create a Pinterest Board. Organize your pin to your taste and what makes sense to you.You can make your board secret if you want everyone to see it expect those youinvited. You can make it a secret board.

How to Create a Pinterest Board

For you to create a Pinterest Board you have to sign into your account before you can process this steps. So follow the step given below for you to create a Board.

  • Launch your web browser and pinterest.com inside your URL bar.
  • Sign into your account.
  • Click on the profile button at the right corner of the homepage. You will be taken to your spage.
  • Tap on Create board.
  • Choose a name for your board. Choose a name that will make your board look different from other.
  • You can likewise toggle the switch if you want to keep your board to be secret.
  • Click Create button at the bottom.

So your board will be created you can start adding pins to it.

How to add a Pin to a Pinterest Board.

  • Click a board you want to add the pin to.
  • Then click Add a Pin. You can choose to add a pin from a website like a link. Or you can post a picture from your PC.
  • Then click Save in the top right corner.

So that’s how to add a pin to your board. You can also add a pin that already saved on Pinterest by clicking on Pin it button then select what board you want to add it to.


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