Pinterest Business Account

Are you running a blog or a website with the intention of making money from it? Then Pinterest Business account canhelp you achieve what you want. But let about Pinterest itself. Pinterest is asocial media that inspires users to discover what you like and also do what youlove. It enlightens your creativity, enables you to try out new things that youcan do yourself. The home feed of Pinterest helps you find new ideas and helpsyou see a world of creativity and possibility around you. So this portal promoted their platform by creating an account for business on Pinterest.

Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest Business Account is a platform you created for your business whereby you engage with different features, meeting customers, pushes more traffic to your blog or website. Its best place for marketing because they come with extra features like PinterestAnalytics. All you just have to do is to convert your personal account toPinterest Business Account which is free, easy, and simple. When you want tocreate the account it won’t take you up 20 seconds they just some basic thingsabout your business.

How to set up Pinterest Business Account

Set up a Pinterest Business account profile for free and easy to access. It helps you grow your presence on Pinterest. There are two ways of doing it you can either create a new business account or you convert your account you have already to a business account. So follow the steps given below

Create a new business account

  • Launch your web browser.
  • Enter inside your url bar.
  • You will be asked to choose between creating a new business account or converting an existing account.
  • Click on create a new account at the button of continue icon.
  • Enter your email, password, username, and business name.
  • Upload your image or logo. So people can identify you.
  • Enter a description of your business.
  • Enter your website and accept terms and condition.
  • Click on create account.
  • Verify your account. You would be giving a code which is HTML code to upload to your website server.

Convert your account to business account

For you to convert your account to a business account, you are advised to follow the steps below carefully

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to
  • Enter the business type you’ll love to have.
  • Type your contact name.
  • Enter business name.
  • Enter the business website and description.
  • Accept their terms and condition
  • Click on the convert button
  • Verify your website y uploading the HTML code that was offered to you by Pinterest to your website server
  • Once it is uploaded, click on the next or continue button for Pinterest to confirm that your website has been verified.

That’s how to create a Pinterest account and also convert your Pinterest personal account to a business account.


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