Pinterest login

Do you wish to know the steps on Pinterest login? Don’t worry anymore, read carefully and get the knowledge on Pinterest login. Pinterest is a mobile and Web Company that operates a software system made to discover information on the world web mainly be using for image, videos and on a smaller scale GIFs. Pinterest can also be said to be a visualbookmarking tool for saving and discovering creative ideas.

Pinterest login

In 2017 Pinterest unveiled Pinterest lens that allows users to bring Pinterest out into the real world. Lens userstake photos of food, clothe and other photogenic things out in the world to letPinterest show others users how to build the outfit or recipe of themselves.

Users can upload, save, sort and manage images which known as “pins”. And other media content via collections called “pinboards”. Users can search for whatever they are looking for by using thesearch bar. This portal allows users to search with the image instead of words.What a wonderful website

This service is available in over 25languages. Before you can access all these wonderful features in Pinterest you need to login into this networking service. Because Pinterest login is very easy as it only requires few steps, users are advised to follow the steps below carefully to have the knowledge of Pinterest login and also get an accurate result.

How to login on your Pinterest Account

You can log in to Pinterest via your Pinterest app or via your Facebook account. because users can’t access the app when they don’t log in their account. The first steps is how you can Pinterest login via the Pinterest app

  • Open the Pinterest app on your phone
  • Enter your email address in the box given
  • Click on the continue button
  • Enter your Pinterest password
  • Click on the login icon.

How to login Pinterest via Facebook account

Users can likewise login with their facebook account if they don’t want to log in with their email.

  • Open your Pinterest app
  • Click on the option that says “continue with Facebook”
  • Sign in to your Facebook account. This will only be prompted if you’re not logged in Facebook on your phone
  • Click on the continue button

So that’s how to login into your pinterest account. So easy to do. 


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