Pinterest Notification – How to Setup Pinterest Notification


Is your Pinterest Notification too much for you? You are getting messages every day or you see when other users pin any post. The reasons why this is happening is that your Pinterest Notification is turned on. And bring you everything that’s going, interaction and engagement among board member. It sounds great but you might get tired of it. If you want to remove all Pinterest notification or turn it off. This is very easy and simpleto do. But then let talk about Pinterest itself.

Pinterest Notification

Pinterest is a social media network that enables users to share new things through images. It is also a social media that inspires users to discover what you like and also do what you love. It enlightens your creativity, enables you to try out new things that you can do yourself.

The home feed of Pinterest helps you find new ideas and helps you see a world of creativity and possibility around you.  So users will get the notification on Pinterest which is located at the top right corner of the account. This displays the information what otherusers like or comment on other user’s pin. And you can choose whether you want to receive notifications or not from boards or users you relate with.

How to Clear or Edit your Pinterest Notification Setting | Pinterest Notification

These settings can be done with your desktop that’s your (Personal Computer) not on your mobile device. So all youhave to do is to log into your Pinterest account by using your PC web browser.Pinterest Notification is very simple and easy to use. So follow the stepsgiven below for you to access it.

  • Launch your web browser and enter
  • Log into your account.
  • Click on notification at the left side of the page which has three dot button.
  • Click on the setting.
  • Go to the notification and tap on edit. And choose the settings for “show notifications from”.
  • Choose and tick the notification you don’t want to receive from either from everyone or only people I follow.
  • When you’re done with that click on “Save changes”.

That’s how to stop Pinterest Notification. If you see it’s getting much you know what to do right. Smile

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