Spotify is a popular digital music, podcast and video streaming service that permit users to access millions of songs and video from artists all over the world. This portal plays songs off the internet as they load via spotify. Users can create a playlists of song that they like, or can create radio stations based on the music that they like to listen to.


This portal provides digital rights management protected content from record labels. It is freemium service basic features are free with advertisement or limitations, but additional features are offered through paid subscription which are improved streaming quality and music downloads. The app is available on Android, windows, iOS, macOS and Linux devices. Music can be browsed through or users can search for artist, ablum, genre, playlist, or record label.

It also allows users to create, edit, share playlists, share tracks on social media, and make playlists with others. It provides access to more than 30 million songs and the advantage is that your songs can’t get deleted or missing because the portal is always in control of them. But the issue is you can only play the songs in spotify application, you can’t play the song anywhere else expect the app.

Spotify History

This platform was founded on 23 April 2006 and officially launched on 7 October 2008 which developed by startup spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden. The founder of spotify is Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon. This company has over 1,600 employees work for them and also has 140 million users (70 million paying). In December 2013, the company launched a new website “spotify for Artists”. This portal gets its content from major record labels as well as Independent artists, and pay copyright holders for streamed music.

Why Users Have to Use Spotify?

I will be telling you the reason why you need to use spotify digital music app. Sit back and enjoy the features given below.

  • It’s Free: This portal is free for those that want to use the freemium service. But if you don’t want to, you can get a paid subscription to get extra features like listen to song without your internet connection and higher sound quality. Even with the freemium service you can also enjoy spofity.
  • Users can add song that they like to they collection, can also pick a song, album, playlist, or artist that they like and have it play random. Users can also rate what they hear
  • It’s Social: Users can follow their favorite artists and also be among the first to listen to their new songs. They can likewise share the songs they listening to on their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

How Much Does Spotify Cost?

it’s comes in two forms which are free and premium account.  For free account which is referred to “freemium service” which means you don’t have pay any fee to sign up for the account or use it. You can use freemium service to advertisement in the spotify application and hear them between songs, you skip songs a certain number of time, and it doesn’t allow you to download songs to listen to them when you are not connected to the internet.

But spotify premium is $9.99 per month which includes access to features such as unlimited skips, free streaming, quality streaming and spotify connect. For those that has never used this portal premium before. When you subscribe for it, you have 30 day free trial of premium. But if the trial has expired and you haven’t cancelled your subscription, you will continue your usual monthly rate of $9.99.

How to download and install for Android || Spotify Download

In other for users to start using the app they need to download and install it on their mobile device. But it works a bit differently depending on what operating system the user is trying to install it on. I will teach you on how to download and install it for other devices. Follow the steps given below

  1. Go to your Google or Play Store application. Click on it to open it.
  2. Then go to your search menu at the top of the screen type spotify. Once you see the one called “spotify Music” tap it.
  3. Then a page will come up where you will see install Tap it.
  4. Spotify will show you a list of features on your device that it will need to use. Tap Accept.
  5. The app will automatically begin to download and install. When it finishes installing click open to launch the app.

Download and install Spotify for iOS

  1. Launch your App Store application on your iOS device. Tap it to open it.
  2. Tap the search menu at the top right corner and type Spofity. App store will give you suggestion on what you are looking for.
  3. Tap Spotify music.
  4. Tap Get, then tap install.
  5. Then login into your apple account. After login the app will automatically download and install on your device.
  6. Tap open to launch the app on your iOS device.

You now know how to download and install spotify on your Android and iOS device.

Create an Account on Spotify || Spotify Sign up on Website

You need to create an account on this portal before you can start using it. Create an account is free, easy, and quick.

  1. Launch your web browser type inside the search bar.
  2. The homepage will pop up on your screen. You will see two options to sign up which are “Get Spotify Free” or “Get Spotify Premium”. But if you want to start with free account tap on Get Spotify Free.
  3. You can either sign up with your account or sign up with your email, if you have a Facebook account click on the blue button “Sign up with Facebook”.
  4. But if you want to sign up with your email address. Enter your email, confirm email, password(secure your account), what should we call you(That is your username), date of birth(day, month, year), Your gender(Male or Female)
  5. Then click on the box that says “I’M NOT A ROBOT”.
  6. Once you’ve filled all your information, Click on sign up button.

That’s all that you have to do in other to create an account . You can also login on the website if you’ve an account already on this portal.


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