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There are digital ton of free Android apps and people download them millions of times. And some of them are paid to use but plenty of them don’t cost anything at all. All you just need to do is to download them from your app store which is free to use. And so many free Android App comes out every day by day and it can be difficult for you to track them all. So we would be listing out the best Free Android App we know you’d like a lot. So we made these Apps considering user ratings, comment, app features, and popularity. So you are free to choose any Free Android App of your choice.

Free Android App

Best Free Android App you need to Use

· AppLock

This app is a free android app that comes with a lot of options. It allows you to lock your apps with a password so that other people can’t see them. You can likewise pay for it, get premium features, and no advertising. So you can use this app for free with or without ads. All you just need to do is to download it from your Google play store for free and install them on your mobile device.

· Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a personal assistant developed by Google. It allows users to communicate, navigate, to activate apps, ask any questions, play games, make plans, and so much more. And it includes over 30 super useful voice commands. This app is available on all kind of Android mobile phone.

· SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard is a mobile keyboard app that uses artificial intelligence that enables it to learn and also predict what the user intends to write. This app has autocorrect and gesture typing. It comes with an inbuilt GIF engine, and wonderful themes to use. SwiftKey will change your typing experience makes you type faster.

· Evernote

Evernote is the most used app on Android which enables you to take note in a variety of formats, photos, audio, video, sketches and so much more. It keeps all your tools organized. It syncs across all your devices to enable it to work. Evernote is for those people that easily forget things you can just write them down and Evernote keeps it safe for you.

· Google Chrome

This is a platform browser application which enables users to browser whatever you want. This app provides fast, suitable, and provides secure browsing experience with a lot of option. It has free features like unlimited tabs, desktop, HTML5 support, quick link to a favorite site, Google translate and Google search. This is the best Android browser to use.

· Xender

Xender is a mobile file sharing app that everyone needs to have on their mobile device. Because it saves you from stress like you carry your cable connecting it to your PC before transferring anything. With Xender you don’t need that at all. It’s even faster than Bluetooth. Connect yourself to another person using the app to transfer anything you want.

· Google Maps

Google Map is a web mapping service for GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and direction. It offers street maps, satellite imagery, traffic info and so much more. With this app, you can navigate an unknown place without stress. This app really helps you in a lot of things. And this app covers accurate maps of more than 200 countries and territories.

· Feedly

Feedly is the best news app for people. It’s an RSS reader which means a user can subscribe to a lot of different websites and get new from them at once. More than 40 million feeds are available within this app. It also has support for podcasts, YouTube channel and so much more. Using Feedly is being able to bring all of your interest and read the latest news. This app is free to use.

· Zedge

This app is for things like wallpapers, ringtones, alarm, and notification. With this app, you can give your home screen more personality. It allows you to design your wallpaper yourself to your taste. Download it from your Google play store.

· Imgur and Giphy

With this app, you can find funny GIFs, funny image, facts, and all kinds of entertainment. And most of these pictures you see on other social media come from this app. This app happens to be the image upload service that most people use. So download from Google play store for free.

There is a lot of Free Android App so if you think we missed any you can tell us about it. Am sure you’d find these ones helpful.

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