Google has a lot of online services that have really helped users a lot. But Google also has an attractive online communication which is Google Hangouts that enable users to exchange text messages, pictures, and video with anyone who has a Google account.

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is also a communication portal which can be accessed via Google+, Gmail, and mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as from a chrome extension that lets user chat with their contacts directly from the window desktop. Once you’re logged into your Google account you can send a message, images, videos, and emojis to your contacts or any group conversation.

It was introduced on May 15, 2013. Which replaced Google Talk and Google+ messenger since Google combined its various messaging and calling interfaces into one. And this portal has been able to compete with other popular messaging apps like Wechat, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

And the video-conferencing features also enable you to make video calls with up to 10 people no matter which device they’re connected on. You can also have a live video chat with your Google contacts, or cell phone number and also have a phone call with anyone in the world.

Features of Google Hangout

  • This portal is free to use. All you just need is to have a Google account, download and install it on devices you want to use it with and with your Google account if you have one.
  • It also enables you to chat with your contacts. Adding some emoticons, or take a picture of yourself or you can just draw a picture and also share that as a message to people. You can also share things with your contacts.
  • Users can also have a face-to-face conversation with one or more of your Google Hangout through a live video feed. You can invite other users to the discussion or share what your computer screen.

Is Google Hangout Free to Use

Most users might be having this question in mind. This portal is free to use, you can use it to send a message, phone calls, or videos to other users for free. Users can also make phone calls with a standard phone number from Google Hangouts.

It doesn’t cost you any money to download and install and there is no limit on how much time you can spend using it. And how many messages you can send or calls you to make with other users. Everything is free. And this portal is safe to use, its keeps your information and conversation to protect your safety and privacy.

Download and Install Google Hangout | How to Download and Install Google Hangout.

In other, for you to download and install it you need to have an account on Gmail account or a Google account for you to use Google Hangout. You can also install it on your web browser. To get the computer desktop version of the app. You’ll need to have Google Chrome (web browser) and install it on your PC. So that means you can use this portal on your mobile device and also on your PC. Follow the steps given below for you to download and install the app.

Download Google Hangout App

  • Turn on your mobile device. Launch your Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) by click on it.
  • Click on the search bar in the top middle of the screen. Type “Google Hangout”. Then a list of suggestions will appear. Click the one that brings out what you typed in.
  • If you found the app and click on the Install button. To start the process of downloading it and installing it on your device.
  • Once the app has been downloaded on your device. Tap on the Open button.
  • You’ll be informed of the additional function on your device that the app may need access to. Tap Accept if you are okay with that.
  • You would be asked to log into your Google account or Apple account. So enjoy downloading and install the app on your mobile device.

Download and install Google Hangout On your Computer

  • Launch your Google Chrome web browser on your PC. But if you don’t have you have to download and install it on your PC.
  • Once you open your Google chrome web and go to the page for Google Hangout in the chrome web store.
  • Click “add to chrome” in the top right corner of the homepage.
  • The chrome web will notify you of parts of your computer that the Google Hangout desktop app may need to access. Click on Add App.
  • So it will automatically download and install on your PC. So enjoy using this app on your mobile device or PC.


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