How to Promote your YouTube Channel

Promote your YouTube channel helps you get more viewers, subscribers, and more likes. And they are millions of channels on YouTube which can be kind of hard if you are just starting. So you need to promote the channel to get to your target. And for you to win the attention of YouTube users you need to have a lot of subscribers. Because YouTube is an incredible marketing channel receiving over 30 million visitors per day and 5 billion daily video views.

Promote your YouTube channel

So if you want to get more views and grow your channel, we are here to help you with what to do. Giving tips on how to go about it. So we would be telling you why you need to promote your YouTube channel before listing out the tips on how to promote your YouTube channel.

Why you need to promote your YouTube Channel.

  • To get more subscribers. You need to promote your YouTube channel to get more subscribers so you need to be on it every day. You promoting it on and off are likely to help with increasing your subscriber count. The more you promote the more you get subscribers.
  • Have followers on social media. Increasing your following on YouTube will enable you to get more followers on your social media. You will have to share your social media handle to YouTube channel.
  • Sharing your videos on other social media helps you get more views and likes on your channel.
  • Making money from ad revenue. You getting more views means more ads will be played on your videos and means you make more money.

With these benefits, you will surely see some changes on your channel.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

  • Post Videos

Upload video regularly so that your subscribers can enjoy visiting your channel every day. Or you choose a day you will post your videos. For example, if you post videos every Friday then your viewers will be looking forward to Fridays. When you upload videos those who subscribed to your channel will receive notification.

Promoting your Channel

Get to post a link to your YouTube channel or you post your link on your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can also embed your YouTube on your blog and promote them Doing this will not only increase your viewers or subscribers. It will also increase your site page views.

Tell your Viewers to Like and comment

You should always tell your viewers to like and comment on your video by clicking on the thumbs up button can be found right below the video player.  Also, tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Getting like and comment on your videos means viewers are really enjoying your channel. Which can make it appear in the search result page whenever viewers want to visit your channel.

Get Good Keyword

Make sure your video titles to 50 characters or less. When you want to upload a video to YouTube, you’ll see a box at the bottom of the uploading window where you can enter a list of keywords. Make sure you’re the keyword you are putting can be easily searched for. For example, you are upload video about how to watch videos online. You can enter “Watch videos online” or “how to watch videos online”. It makes your videos be easily found in a YouTube search.

Engage with your Viewers

Whenever viewers comment on your videos try to always answer them. Interact with your viewers and also thank them for watching. It helps bring more visitors to videos. You can likewise do a live video to answer your viewer’s question. Or you can look through your creator dashboard and Analytics to identify user engaged with your content. Try reaching out to them to share your videos with their friends. So try and engage yourself with your viewers always.

Always do ads Campaign

YouTube has made it easier for people to advertise their YouTube channel on YouTube. You will have to pay to run a campaign for advertisement on YouTube. Create a short video 30 second about your YouTube channel that will play before other videos will be played. It cost $10 per day to advertise your channel.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Engage with other YouTubers to promote each other’s content. Make videos with them or featuring your content on each other channels. This will help you gain more subscribers on your channel.

Make your Videos into Playlists

For you to promote your channel you need to categorized playlists of the videos on your channel. So whenever viewers visit your channel and click one of your playlists. They’re likely to keep watching your other content instead of clicking away or watching someone else’s own.

  • Always comment on other people videos. Be part of the YouTube community, leave a thoughtful remark and ask smart questions. This will attract more visitors to you.

With these tips listed above are the best ways to promote your YouTube channel to get views, likes, comment, and subscribers. So start promoting your channel today.

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