Save your contacts to Google Account

Google is a unique app for mail service that also allows users of the internet platform to access view and every of their personal information. And data collected and detailed by Google. If you have several android devices or you intend on getting a new device, you know that all of your Google contacts will be seen by any Android device you link with your Google account.

Save your contacts to Google Account

Save your contacts to your Google account is fast and at ease that can save you a lot of time. It implies that when you move to a new smartphone and log in. So when you save your contacts to Google it would be very easy for you to get back. Sometimes the sim card might full that you can’t save your contacts to it, or your phone got missing and you don’t save your contacts to Google Account. Saving your contracts to Google Account you won’t experience the issue of losing contact because it will keep it safe. It also enables you to add pictures with it. So when you need it, you would access the person’s picture easily with no stress at all.

Save your Contacts to Google Account

For you, to save your contacts to Google account follow the step given below

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Click on Accounts menu. Then click on Google
  • Fill in your Google login information. And tap on add account.
  • Then your account is already to save to Google account.
  • Locate your dial pad and click on it.
  • Type the phone number and click on “Add to Contacts”.
  • Enter the person name and you will see three options will be shown to you.
  • They are Save to sim card, Save to phone, or Save to Google.
  • Click on save to Google.
  • Then click on done at the left corner of the screen.

That’s how to save contacts to your Google Account.

How to Export your Contacts to your Google Account

  • Export your contacts
  • Open your contacts app, click the menu button (usually the three dots at the lid right- hand corner) and select import /export.
  • Next, you need to select export from sim card, which will permit you to take the names and numbers that you have saved on your smartphone’s sim card.
  • Tap Export to your Google Account.


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