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Do you want your children to learn music but you don’t have any idea of the skills? The best way to teach these children is through Online Music Games for Children. And they are tons of them on online for children. This Online Music Games for Children are free to use. So this article will help your children to play the different instrument, learn to play and understand it.

Online Music Games

If you are also a music teacher and you are also looking for Online Games Music for Children to help your students learning music. This article will help you a lot. Because all the app or website can be accessed with your mobile device, tablet, and computer. It can be played anywhere, anytime, and any day. Online Music Games for Children will be listed be below for you to understand better.

Online Music Game for Children and beginners 

PBS Kids

It’s the brand for most of the children’s programming aired public broadcasting service (PBS) in the United States. The PBS Kids video website and the app have over 50 music games that can help the children learn music.

With this platform, they can learn how to create music in various ways, and how to learn different instrument sounds. It also gives kids and parent access to thousands of free videos and full episodes and clip from PSD Kids. So give your children the opportunity to make their own music in a different way. All you need to do is to download the app on your mobile device or you visit the website which is

·Music learning community

With music learning community they have different lessons, games, and quizzes for all different levels of musical experience and can really help a child gain different and various types of music-related skills. You can also sort resources base on the category you are interested in as well as by the difficulty level.

When you start this lessons you can always progress to more complex ones over time. They have different topics they teach, they have the keyboard element, aural and visual pitch and melody, aural and visual rhythm, scales and key signatures, chords, harmony, music terms and symbols, tonal memory and playback.

·Kids ear training

This will help your child, especially when the child is learning an instrument or sing in choir the app aim to introduce essential musical elements and concept and help the student identify those elements by ear.

·Theory lessons

These theory lessons will your child learn faster also, this iOS app includes 39 animated music theory lessons. This is one of the best options for older kids who can read and write so they will be able to identify the words.

·Piano dust buster

You can use this ios app with your real acoustic piano or keyboard, you could also use the touchscreen option on your device. This apps also have games you could use to learn the piano so you could always motivate the kids so they could learn faster.

Once you are able to download any of this app/website your child will be able to learn faster and be able to play games with any kind of instrument you want them to play with.

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