YouTube Go App – How to use YouTube Go App

Do you want to know more about YouTube Go App? Before then let talk about YouTube itself. YouTube is a video streaming website which allows you to pick a video you want to watch. And it’s a social networking where users can share videos with other users. Comment on what they see, and also rate videos and comment of others. And it has over millions of users on it and it enables them to upload their own video of virtually anything they want.

YouTube Go App

Users can also upload their own videos and watch as people all over the world view them. It enables users to search for anything they want to watch inside the search bar. YouTube is also a community where users can “upvote” or “downvote” videos, and share how they feel about the video in the comments section. Now Google has launched the YouTube beta app which is YouTube Go app.

YouTube Go App

The app is launched in over 130 countries and it’s a redesigned version of the regular YouTube app. That’s designed for places with poor connectivity or expensive data prices. YouTube Go app enables users to download videos when they are offline. And it enables users to share the videos with their friends over a direct device to device without making use of their data through Bluetooth.

The app allows users to watch video on low internet connection so don’t have to worry even if the connection is slow. And if you want to select a video to view it will ask if you instead want to download it. YouTube Go is available in two resolutions which are “basic quality” and “standard quality”. You can choose to download or watch, preview video before you download or watch, choose how many MBs you use on videos, play them without buffering and watch them anytime,  anywhere even with slow or no internet connection.

 YouTube Go App Features

  • It enables you to share with your friends and family nearby. Video transfer uses no data, and its super-fast send and receive videos in seconds.
  • You can decide and choose the quantity in which you want to watch or save your video. And it allows you to save a lot of data.
  • Users can have access to watch or download the latest or tending video.
  • The videos can be previewed before downloading. The video will be displayed in the form of thumbnails in the app, you can even check the quality of the video if it’s good or bad.
  • YouTube Go will show the size of the video you want before watching or downloading it. This gives you an idea about the amount of data you want to use.

How to Download YouTube Go App | How to use YouTube Go App

  1. Launch your mobile app store on your mobile device.
  2. Type YouTube Go into your search bar to search for the app.
  3. Then a page will pop out where you see different app. But if you see YouTube Go with the logo with it. Tap on it
  4. Click on install button to start downloading the app.
  5. Tap Accept to allow YouTube Go to access your phone and other features of your device the app needs to function.
  6. Tap open the button to launch YouTube Go.
  7. A page will pop out where you have to put your phone number. In other for YouTube Go app to scan your mobile contacts.
  8. Press next button.
  9. A code will be sent to the phone number you drop. Enter the code.
  10. Then press next to start watching and downloading videos of your choice.

 The purpose of Google behind this mobile app was to raise the number of users watching YouTube Go videos without worrying about the internet connection speed, and money used for internet.

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